US GUEST POST: Music Festival Outfits – Handpicked for You!

“I’m Brittany, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I’m a senior editor for FIT’s Blush Magazine, which is a magazine based on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion trends in NYC. This city is rich with expression and creativity – seeing the different cultural backgrounds that are represented here gives me tons of different perspectives on the world of fashion and beauty (and the world as a whole). I’m excited to be a voice from the Big Apple as a guest blogger for The Edit!”

Music festival season is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to take advantage of UNiDAYS discounts and piece together the perfect outfit for a day of music in the sun. Whether you’re all about comfort, free-spirited, or a bit dressy — I’ve got you covered.

Casual Cutie
If you want to look cute but can’t be bothered with the fuss of dressing up, this outfit is perfect for you. This pretty Pins and Needles Lace Halter Bra from Urban Outfitters provides support, which makes it perfect for dancing and jumping around to your favorite bands. Pair with the Urban Renewal Recycled Angled Roll-Hem Denim Short and layer with the Truly Madly Deeply Scoop-neck Slouch Pocket Tee. It’s soft, light fabric will keep you cool and carefree. Pick up a pair of TOMS Black Women’s Avalon Sneakers to stay comfortable on your feet all day. For the finishing touch, add the San Diego Hat Company Cutout Floppy Straw Hat; it’ll keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re searching for your favorite artist.


Boho Princess
This outfit is all about showing your inner goddess. You’ll be sweet and lovely in ivory lace with the beautiful One of Prose Days Dress from Modcloth. It’s touch of intricacy comes from the geometric embroidery on the bodice and hem. This dress is sheer so wear it with an ivory lace triangle bra and nude undies. Just like Cinderella needs her glass slippers, every boho princess needs the Whimsical Wanderlust Sandal in camel. Wear these while dancing around the desert (when you’re not going barefoot). The cherry on top to this look is the Urban Outfitters Watercolor Flower Crown. The full, colorful flowers will look gorgeous resting atop your cascading hair.


Dressed to the Nines:
All eyes will be on you this summer with Missguided’s Bell Sleeve Lace Detail Playsuit in camel. Music festivals can be stifling hot, but this playsuit will keep things breezy. It’s chic and sexy with the wraparound front and black lace inserts. Pair with the Brooke Sandals from They’ll add height but keep you comfy, and the chunky heel will playfully contrast with the floaty style of the playsuit. Add a floppy hat to keep you in the shade all day or wear your hair in a braided up-do and pop on the Hayley Tortoise Shell Retro Sunglasses. Get ready for a day of music and mingling!


20% off ASOS Library Lifesavers!

You know the drill, it’s nearly the end of term and you’re cramming in exams, revision, projects, and essays – the lot. Your personal style resembles something of Cady Heron when she first gets to North Shore High crossed with whatever’s actually clean in your wardrobe and it’s becoming a problem.

Well, we’ve got a little bit of a Library Lifesaver fashion round-up for you guys today in honour of the awesome 20% off ASOS event. Now you can be comfy, cosy and freakin’ stylish with these study-appropes buys!

“Sweatpants is all that fits me right now” – this is the uni-life mantra when it comes to cramming time and we’re digging Element’s Leopard Print Sweatpants with a passion! Paired with a comfy sweatshirt or tee that expresses a student’s sheer love for food these are perfect for this time of year. Hangry, Fries or Carbs – you choose! When it comes to sleeping, when midday naps are becoming the norm it’s nice to be able to change out of clothes that look like pyjamas into some actual pyjamas and Mink Pink’s ‘Drop it Like A Sloth’ set is on point with student feels. Finish off Library style with an essential bit of kit – socks! We’re loving these on trend adidas Crew Socks.


When it all gets too much, all-nighters are inevitable for some of you gals. No fear though, we’ve got the products you need to make you look as fresh as possible for that presentation or hand-in! First up, curl those lashes to open up your eyes with these Eylure Lash Curlers and apply a little bit of mascara, too much eye make-up can actually make you look more tired than you are so resist piling it on! For a sad looking complexion, try Maybelline’s Baby Skin Anti-Fatigue Primer paired with Pixi Correction Concentrate and your favourite foundation. Freshen cheeks with Benefit’s Lollitint and you’re good to WOW!

Joggers and sweatshirts are a student staple but that doesn’t mean that you have to slob it. Stock up on casual essentials with the ASOS 20% and even if you feel rough, you won’t look it! Go simple with some classic grey Converse Joggers or be the centre of attention in the library with these Criminal Damage Peanuts Print Sweatpants. Chuck on a jumper on top – go retro with ASOS’ NYC Sweat or this 90s-heaven Ellesse Sweatshirt. Don’t forget your socks either!


Disguise tired skin by using a few key products to perk yourself up! Elemis Energising Skin Scrub and Bulldog’s Original Eye Roll-On are great for waking up your skin. Korres Basil & Lemon Shower Gel is also an awesome product for shaking up the senses in the morning with this killer scent.

Now you’ve got the tools for comfort you can study in style and save some pennies. Need some more end of term encouragement? Stay tuned for our whole Library Lifesavers series that will be jam packed full of advice, procrastination busters and the best deals.

Brain Food: The Best Study Snacks!

Coursework, revision and end of year projects – we feel ya. It’s a hard time and you don’t want to be either starving or eating tonnes of takeaways because neither is good for you. We’ve got the pick of the crop for the best things to eat for study time.

BEST FOR: Concentration
You’ll be pleased to know that your routine early morning coffee on the way to your lectures is actually helping! Coffee actually improves mental abilities, so that latte is not only tasty but it’s giving you the boost to start taking on revision.


Revising at home? You NEED to try this avocado chocolate pudding. Both avocados and dark chocolate are foods famed for aiding concentration and put together – they’re match made in 3pm treat Heaven! Why? Avocados enhance blood flow which fires up your brain cells and the dark chocolate releases endorphins and serotonin that make you feel good! Basically if you’re feeling sad and you want chocolate pudding, this one’s actually good for you!

BEST FOR: Stress Relief
Feeling like your chakras are totally out of whack, notes getting out of control on your desk? We feel your pain. Stress is hard to deal with at uni but you can help yourself out by eating a little bit more Omega-3 fatty acids that help to rebuild brain cells. Tuna, salmon and pretty much most other fish are great for concentration. One of our favourite recipes is for tuna burgers because they’re so versatile. You can add in sweet potato and whatever herbs and spices you like!


PLUS check out this awesome Buzzfeed with 22 more tasty ideas for canned tuna!

BEST FOR: Snack Attacks
The attack of the snacks. The time where you really, really just want to buy that sharing pack of M&Ms and eat them ALL. We’ve all been there. It’s amazing from the first bite until the last but then you have the mother of all sugar crashes and end up online shopping instead of revising? That’s where the problem occurs! This is the time that you need some healthy snacks on hand to keep you on the straight and narrow. Our favourite snack-fix for this has to be yoghurt-coated blueberries – perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.


Blueberries are full of antioxidants, Vitamin C (to fight the dreaded uni-house lurgy) and fibre to help keep you fuller for longer. Just coat each blueberry in a load of your favourite yoghurt, place on a baking tray and freeze if there’s any room in your freezer, that is! Keep them in a zip-lock bag and munch when needed.

Do you need a savoury hit instead? A small handful of seasoned nuts are the way forward here!

BEST FOR: Fast Food Cravings
Craving bread and loads of fatty foods? This means you’re deficient in Nitrogen and you need to stock up on high protein foods such as meat, fish and eggs! All the more reason for that bacon and egg sandwich – just cut off the fat and use a low-calorie cooking spray for frying and you’ll slash your calorie in take and crush those cravings. Awesome, right?


Well, we could stay here and chat food all day but you guys have got some work to do. Happy studying guys, you’ll do awesome. Check out our Nom Central! Pinterest board for tasty treats that aren’t as good for you!

Firebox Gewinnspiel: Und die Wahl fällt auf…

Wir haben gefragt, ihr habt gewählt! Wir haben eine Liste eurer Lieblingsprodukten von Firebox aufgestellt!


Auf Platz 5 – Poppy 3D

Macht und seht eure iPhone Fotos in 3D an! Wir wissen, dass 3D ist die Zukunft, und die Poppy 3D gibt euch einen Blick der Zukunft während ihr die Erinnerungen der Vergangenheit anseht. Einfach ladet die kostenlose App herunter, passt dein Handy zur Poppy 3D und knipst! Weitere Infos auf der Firebox Seite →


Auf Platz 4 – Himmel Pflanzengefäß

Pflanzen? Am Boden? So altmodisch. Mit diesem Zeug kann man seine Pflanze an die Decke pflanzen und sehen, während sie umgestülpt aunbauen. Es wäre ein tolles Thema, wenn eure Freunde euch im WG besuchen. Es gibt weiter Infos auf der Seite →


Auf Platz 3 – Reiniger Automat

Wir wissen, warum diese Gadget so beliebt unter Studenten ist. Einfach dreht es an und beobachtet wie es frei im Zimmer saust. Jetzt gibt es keine Entschuldigung nicht zu studieren! Es gibt weitere Infos über diesen nützlichen Flaum-Ball hier →


Auf Platz 2 – Panda Sandwich Ersteller

Wenn ihr etwas so liebenswert essen könnt, ist dieser Hersteller für euch richtig. Der Druck setzt eure langweilige Sandwiches in ein niedliches Mittagessen. Werft einen Blick auf die Firebox Seite, um mehr herauszufinden →


Auf Platz 1 – USB Toast

Wir wissen nicht warum, aber ihr habt dieses kleines Gadget geliebt! USB Sticks, die wie Toast aussehen, und ein Toaster? Gibt’s etwas besser? Es ist nicht nur geil sondern auch nützlich! Es ist Perfekt für die Vorlesungsmitschrift und Aufsätze. Achtung: nicht essbar. Weiter Infos hier →

Und endlich…


Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Lisa-Marie! Du hast alles hier gewonnen!* Bitte schicke uns eine Nachricht auf Facebook, um deine Preise zu erhalten.

Danke für eure Stimmabgabe! Sei wachsam, um zuküftige Gewinnspiele zu sehen!

*Preise sind von Verfügberkeit abhängig. Falls ein Preis unverfügbar ist, wird Firebox ein Preis zum gleichwertigen Wert geben. Bargeld oder Geschenkkarte Alternativen sind unverfügbar.


Missguided: 3 Spring Trends to Wear NOW

The turn of the season always means new trends to experiment with and our favourite place to head for the hottest new styles is always Missguided! Plus you can save, as always, with your UNiDAYS discount. We’re really excited about these three new trends so we figured you guys would like to see how to wear them all in loads of different ways!

Trend 1: Versatile Leather
We’re loving the Sixties chick look, our favourite piece from Missguided’s range is the Faux Leather Square Neck Pinafore which can be layered over so many different dresses to create unlimited looks! For the ultimate retro look, layer over the Cold Shoulder Stripe Dress and pop on some chunky loafers. Give this super-cute dress a 70s turn with Missguided’s Pussybow Shirt Dress or a 90s feel by pairing it with this Gingham Shirt Dress and some Doc Marten style boots. We’re also loving the bang-up-to-date 2015 take of the Long Sleeved Check Bodycon Dress layered underneath it – perfect for casual college days.


Trend 2: Sporty Spice
You must have seen this major trend taking on the catwalks at the many Fashion Weeks! Kanye was a fan and it’s such an easy trend to pull off. Our pick of the collection for the Sports Luxe trend is the Bad Gal Button Through Baseball Jersey – we spotted model of the moment Cara Delevingne in a similar yellow one looking absolutely awesome. Work this piece for day or night – just change up your accessories. Pair it over this Grey Sweat DressCamo Jacket and add some cool Studded Slip-Ons for an easy day-time look that really packs a punch. Rock it for the evening with Metallic T Bar Sandals, your hair in a striking up-do and a simple clutch bag.


Trend 3: Werk It Out
From summer internships to important interviews, sometimes even the most casual of gals needs to smarten up her act. Missguided has an awesome selection of super smart garms which won’t make you look like your parents have dressed you. Winner! One of our favourite items this season has to be the Pinstripe Sleeveless Blazer, this super chic jacket is an awesome way to add interest to simple shirt and skirt combinations. For example, when paired with the Muslin Dropped Shoulder Shirt or the Floaty Black Shirt Dress and these striking Two-Tone Brogues you’ve got a killer smart outfit to knock ‘em dead! We’d also rock this on the weekend for girly cocktails with Missguided’s Double Layer Top, our favourite skinny jeans plus some statement heels.


Don’t forget to grab your code to save some hard-earned pennies on your Missguided hauls girls – happy shopping!

The Return of the Meadowhall #MHStudentShop!

Fancy another HUGE student shopping event at the awesome Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield? Of course you do! Well get your saving shoes on and get ready to splurge on the 23rd April. Here’s a little re-cap of the excitement that went down last time. Lydia went as a Hallam student last year and she’s given us her top 10 reasons to go that’ll make you definitely want to take another trip to shopping heaven!

“1. These events are so good for bonding with your flat or course mates over shopping, grabbing some dinner and maybe a few drinks on the way home! This was my favourite part.


2. The biggest bargains in the best stores – 20% in Topshop was the best and I went ready with a shopping list!


3. The photo booth was so good – Fancy dress snaps with your uni bezzies that you’ll treasure forever! 


4. Free stuff & goody bags! Vans were giving out free pizza and beer last time – it was wicked. 


5. No one leaves empty handed! There’s always something for everyone, it doesn’t matter if your friendship group doesn’t have exactly the same taste.

6. A justified revision/study break when you’re feeling bored … an excuse too good to miss! 


7. Fun & games! The bucking bronco, crazy tennis and everything else were so good for a bit of in-house competition.


8. There are always loads of competitions to enter and the chance to win everything from cash to concert tickets. 

9. Getting a pic with the Diet Coke Hunk or Spiderman!


10. The tunes from Capital FM DJs are always really good. They get you in the party mood… ready for a night on Carver St when you get home buzzing after shopping all evening!”


As you can tell, the last event was a night full of prizes, freebies, bargains and MORE! With brands like River Island, H&M and Topshop getting involved it was a serious shopping haven and this time around we’re hoping to make it even bigger and even better. Check out the video below for more reminders about how awesome it was. Don’t forget to pre-register to get all the info before everyone else!


Cake Thursday – The Easter Special

Cake Thursday was another momentous occasion in the UNiDAYS office today! It was an Easter special so we took inspiration from some classic favourites – Creme Eggs. Accounts babe Emma made these incredible Peanut Butter & Creme Egg Brownies. Check out the recipe from Live Dream Bake for the full ingredients list.


Social gal Allie whipped up these Hummingbird Bakery chocolate cupcakes from the Green & Blacks Ultimate Chocolate Recipes book with a little help from Hobbycraft and this amazing Green & Blacks cocoa powder! How cute are those chicks? You can grab the cake cases and decorations with 10% off using your UNiDAYS discount too.


Head over to Instagram to check out some more snaps of Cake Thursday!

UNiDAYS Interviews: Behind the Scenes with Oh My Love!

We know how much you guys love to get the gossip on your favourite brands! We’ve had a sneaky chat with Oh My Love to celebrate their discount all about what it’s like at Oh My Love HQ. Let’s see what the girls had to say when Allie caught up with them about all things office-based, trend-loving and of course Instagram!

UNiDAYS: Talk us through a typical day in the Oh My Love office!
“The Oh My Love office is very fast-paced and fun place to work. Whether you’re in the marketing, design or wholesale and production team, your day is sure to be jam-packed and there is an undeniable buzz in the air.

On any given day, we are collectively working on various collections, photo shoots and editorials and launching new marketing plans and designs. We have a lot of meetings with people coming and going – buyers, models, the Topshop team, and model castings are swinging through our doors bringing new energy with them.

The design team are one of the busiest and could be working on 3 or more collections simultaneously. We also have pattern cutters in-house creating up to 30 patterns per day. We try to meet up often so we know what everyone is working on and are a close-knit group and like to stay healthy doing yoga classes here at our office!”


UNiDAYS: What are your favourite trends of the moment?
“We are loving 70’s influence and are wearing (and creating) a lot of fringing, boho, amazing floral prints and we are loving a bell sleeve!”

UNiDAYS: Do you take design inspiration from anywhere in particular?
“We take inspiration from the girls in the office, our friends and our customers – the coolest girls around the world obvs! We look at catwalks and fashion forecasting for trends but usually pick just one or two things we love and put our own spin on it. This season, our main influence was the 1970’s – a mash up of disco dancing, Studio 54 and glam rock.”


UNiDAYS: What are your must follow Instagram accounts?
“We’re always on Instagram! Our fave accounts are:

Tell us what makes Oh My Love different?
“We’re a British brand with all of the eclectic, edgy fashion influences from London, mixed in with strong French influences from our super-stylish owner and founder Anne Lombard-Natheer. Because we’re a British brand, we are committed to UK manufacturing wherever possible and around 70% of our garments are made right here in the UK, and in this 70%, all of the fabric is knitted and dyed in the UK making these products 100% Made In Britain!

We have full control of design and fabric sourcing so we are able to create exclusive, unique garments at a reasonable prices – you can find out more about how our clothes are made here on our blog.”


We had loads of fun catching up with Oh My Love and getting a little insight into how they product their killer collections. Don’t forget to grab a code for 20% off whilst you can!

10 Ways to Save $250 with UNiDAYS – Gals

Heading off to university is a massive time. New uni, new bedroom, new mates, sometimes even a new city! But, you’re also going to need new STUFF, right? That’s where we come in! Usually, heading off to university can be an expensive time but we’re here to try and save you loads of cash at every step of the way, on the things you really want!

1. The New Laptop
With our newest partner, tech giants Apple we’re offering you guys up to 10% off which means you can save an awesome $144.50 on a Mac Book Pro which are usually $1349.00!

2. The New Phone
A new uni year must mean a new phone right? Well we’ve done you proud! Grab a contract with Optus and reap some serious rewards. If you buy a 24-month mobile plan you’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card after your service has been active for a month. Also, with $45 or $60 monthly sim only plans you’ll get a $50 Visa gift card! How good is that?

3. The Work Out Kit
To keep fit and healthy after all of those chips, kebabs and Tim Tams over O Week you’ll need some new gear. Grab a piece of the Missguided Active action and save 15%. Our top picks are the cosmic blue printed leggings and matching racer back crop top. Save a total of $7.20 on these bad boys.

4. The ‘Do
Your parents might treat you to a new pair of straighteners or a hair dryer before you head off on your next big adventure. Save an awesome $30 on ghd’s Eclipse White Hair Straighteners which are usually $300!

5. The Bag
You’ll need a new bag to carry all those new books around in, of course! We love Urban Outfitters‘ vegan leather tote bag that you can save $5.90 on using your UNiDAYS discount.


6. The Casual Jeans
A student essential is denim, so why not continue the summer vibes with these Boohoo Ripped Knee white skinny jeans that are usually $50.00. Save $10.00 with your UNiDAYS account.

7. The Dressy Heels
The aim of a university wardrobe is definitely to create a capsule collection with loads of mix and match pieces that work together with the odd statement piece thrown in! We love these Metallic Skinny Heels that are only $40.00 when you save $10.00 with UNiDAYS!

8. The Fresh Bikini
For those Campus-to-Beach days, throw a sweet bikini in your bag and you’ll be all set for those spontaneous trips! We love this Roxy Scooter bikini from City Beach that you can save $13.50 on!

9. The Face
No new venture is complete without a new makeup bag and a few goodies to fill it! ASOS’ beauty section is bursting with gorgeous makeup finds like Too Faced leopard print bronzer and our favourite Coco Pops makeup bag! You can save a total of $6.45 on these beauty bargains.

10. The Dress
You’ll need a really fancy dress just in case you get that hot date to the swish bar, right? Forever New’s Zara dress is just that! Being the pretty pale blue colour, it’s a tan-enhancing magical outfit, plus you can save $14.99 with your UNiDAYS discount.

SAVE a total of $242.54 with your UNiDAYS discount + a Visa gift card!

So Many Ways to Save $250 with UNiDAYS! – Guys

Starting university is really exciting. New uni, new bedroom, new mates, sometimes even a new city! But, you’re also going to need new STUFF, right? That’s where we come in! Usually, heading off to university can be an expensive time but we’re here to try and save you loads of cash at every step of the way, on the things you really want!

1. The New Laptop
With tech experts Apple now on board, you guys can grab up to 10% off which means you save an awesome $144.50 on a Mac Book Pro which are usually $1349.00!

2. The New Phone
New uni = new phone. Grab a contract with Optus and reap some serious rewards. If you purchase a 24-month mobile plan you’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card after your service has been active for a month. Also, with $45 or $60 monthly sim only plans you’ll get a $50 Visa gift card! How good is that?

10waystosave-MALE (1)

The Threads
New uni = new style! Update your wardrobe with some fresh new board shorts. We’re into this Hurley pair from City Beach that you can save $7.99 on. Pair these with some new sunnies – take advantage of 10% off ASOS and save $12 on some Ray-Bans! For an Autumn-ready look, pair Boohoo’s slim fit jeans with a classic checked DC Shoes shirt and an American Apparel hoodie for when the temperature drops. Or you can give it to that cute girl you like at the beach. Either’s fine with us!

The Backpack
A new backpack is another necessity! Throw out that tired looking, falling apart, fraying at the seams bag and invest in this Herschel backpack and grab 10% off at Urban Outfitters.

The Extras
But, it’s not all about clothes is it? Turn up the volume with this amazing Marshall Speaker from East Dane. With a serious saving of $40 this is an investment worth making – especially if your parents are offering to pay! If you’re a gym goer, stock up on some MyProtein Impacy Whey from The Hut with your 10% discount.

All in all, save a total of $229.58 on your essential university starter pack! Don’t forget to head over to site and check out boosted discounts, competitions and more!