Holy Guacamole! UNiDAYS takes on Chiquito!

On a dreary Monday night in January, the UNiDAYS team decided to head out to the Mexican-heaven that is Chiquito, feel the heat and sample their delights especially for you guys. We’ve picked out our top 3 meals, our all-time favourite side and what we reckon is the top cocktail on the menu to recommend to all you nacho-cravers out there. Don’t forget that you can save an awesome 25% off the dinner menu at Chiquito with your UNiDAYS app. Now if that doesn’t make you crave Mexican food, what will!?

Let’s get down to it, first we’re diving in with one of the favourites – the Chiquito ‘Street Style’ Burrito. This is the classic tortilla wrap packed with Texan style cheese sauce, refried beans, lettuce, more cheese and your choice of filling. Our girl Grace went for beef chilli but the choices also include spicy chicken, veggie five bean chilli, BBQ pulled pork or Habanero mushrooms. What a choice. The best bit? You can grab this for just over £8 with your UNiDAYS app.


There are loads of great vegetarian options too, Katie from our customer support team went for the epic Halloumi Crunch Burger which is packed full of baked halloumi, fresh salsa, crunchy nachos and chipotle mayo for an added kick. Served in a brioche bun with a choice of skin-on-fries, salad or Mexican rice this is a sure-fire winner if bean burgers aren’t your thing!


For the more sophisticated tastes out there, these Prawn and Chorizo Skewers are great. Juicy tiger prawns paired up with fiery chorizo, mixed peppers and onions are baked to perfection and served with chilli & lime broccoli and a cranberry salsa. These really come out sizzling! We loved the presentation of these on skillets, it was a really nice touch.


A super popular side with pretty much all the UNiDAYS team were the Sweet Potato Fries. Who can resist these little golden sticks of deliciousness? Not us, that’s for sure.


On the cocktail front, our email babe Becki chose the classic Brazilian Caipirinha which is a twist on the Mojito that we all know and love. Take the sugar and the limes and mix them with Cachaca (similar to white rum), top with tonnes of crushed ice and you’ve got a mint-free cocktail that’s guaranteed to knock your socks off. The perfect accompaniment to spicy Mexican food.


We do have a tiny apology to make though, we couldn’t get as far as dessert! We know, we know, we failed. But by having a scout of the dessert menu we were dying to try the Toffee Popcorn Brownie served with honeycomb ice cream (how good does that sound?) and the famous Mexican sweet treat of Churros – drenched in cinnamon sugar with a pot of chocolate dipping sauce – how can you say no?

Now if this post hasn’t made you crave all of the cheese, the pulled pork and the sweet potato fries in the world, we don’t know what else we can do. Plus we’re relying on you guys to let us know what the puds are like at Chiquito’s. Holla at us on Twitter or Instagram and show us what awesome dishes you chose! We need some inspiration for what to take on next time we go!

Sweet ASOS Style Combos Under your Budget + 20% off!

The almighty 20% off ASOS event is BACK for a teeny tiny 48 hours so you need to get shopping fast! You’ve got until 8am on Friday morning to nail those saved items and rush them into your basket. We figured you might want a little help because in the mad rush of a discount our brains can get all fuzzy!

Here’s some top style combos that we’re loving at the moment. Fancy some new kicks and a killer sweat for under £100? You’ve got it with our top 6 picks. Pair simple sneaks such as the Adidas Original Spezial in a muted grey with a wilder tartan check jumper to balance prints. Go the other way with bright red Nike Air Pegasus 3 and a graphic monochrome jumper like ASOS’ Longline ‘Fried’ sweatshirt. Finally, mix it up with some classic Vans Old Skool and a scandi-cool sweater from Cheap Monday – it looks wicked layered over a denim shirt.


Mix & match printed tees with denim for the ultimate cool-girl look!  We’re all over the unnecessary hashtags, we definitely need to place an order for our social team. Those girls need to #stop #hashtagging #everything! Next up on our lust list is the time when we saw ASOS Stylist Megan wearing a Slush Puppie tee so we went out and bought a Slush Puppie tee. Finally, we can’t get enough of the super-cute burger & fries crop. Pair any of these awesome t-shirts with a denim bottom half and you’ve got the easiest Friday lecture outfit. We’re loving the retro button through denim skirt, ASOS’ Ripley skinny jeans with busted knees and these awesome New Look girlfriend jeans. All of these jeans and tee combinations are £40 or less with the epic ASOS 20% off.


Finally, with 20% off it’d be rude not to grab a hefty sum off something you’ve been dying to have for ages, right? We’re talking saving the big bucks on your ever growing wish list whilst you can! Here are our top investment pieces to grab with your 20% off.

We’ve got our eye on the ASOS WHITE cotton & silk trousers (saving £15!) and these Kurt Geiger heeled sandals which are swooping in at £96 after discount. Plus save a mega £36 off the Whistles mini Verity backpack making it a slightly more manageable £144 – ok, maybe it’s still one for the birthday list, but it sure is pretty! Finally, what’s a wish list without a beauty must-have? Grab the iconic Nars Body Glow for £35.20 and shimmer the night away. Lads, grab that watch you’ve been after for a while with double discount, Skagen’s leather strap watch is on our radar and you can save £29. Whilst you’re there, pop some Nike Flyknits (now under £100!) and this classic Paul Smith Jeans shirt in the basket and you’re saving yourself a packet.


Don’t forget to grab a code for your epic discount and head to Twitter for our RT comp and Instagram for our regram to be in with a chance of winning a £100 ASOS voucher on each platform. That’s two chances to win – get entering and happy shopping!

10 Things You’ll Definitely Say This Summer: The Aussie Edit

You’ve probably spent the majority of the summer break at the beach, chilling with your friends or maybe working but the looming cloud of uni is on it’s way back. Fear not! The awesome thing about heading back to (or starting!) uni is O-Week – that fun packed, drink-fuelled week of anarchy mixed where making new friends and surviving on food with next to no nutrition is the aim of the game!

Before you head back to the land of education we thought we’d run you through 10 things that you have definitely said this summer. Don’t tell us you haven’t.

1. “I definitely don’t want to go back to uni.”


2. “Do you think he/she likes me? He’s been looking kinda near me all day…”


3. “I’ll probably learn to surf next summer, I’ll have more time then…”


4. “O-Week is gonna be awesome!”


5.  “13th March 1990″
To the bouncer when he asks you how many drinks you’ve had tonight.


6. “No, babe! I definitely did not just check out that girl. I can’t believe you would even ask me that”
After your girl is all up in your grill. “Did you? You did, didn’t you?”


7. “Man, I’m so poor. I should probably get a job!”


8. “Yes, babe you look awesome. I like your hair like that.”
And she replies…


9. “Dude, am I sunburnt?’


10. “I’m not gonna drink too much tonight, I’m gonna be good.”
And 3 hours later you’re dancing like Dumbledore…


We know you’ve said at least one (if not all!) of these classic things but we hope you had an awesome break and you’re looking forward to getting back to uni. We’ve got some pretty sweet discounts coming your way this year so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to keep up with us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter!

GUEST POST: Back to Uni Essentials with Mapped Out Blog!

Welcome to our Back to Uni series! For the next week we’re going to be sharing some super useful posts all about how to get back in the swing of uni from some of our favourite bloggers who are doing just that. First up we have Georgia who is in her third year at the University of Greenwich doing Advertising and Marketing Communications! She also runs, Mapped Out a beauty and lifestyle blog and she’s here to tell us what she relies on to really tackle those dreaded assignments and essays.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.25.06

“Going back to university can be tough, especially after being surrounded by home comforts for so long. But, one of the best things is all the new stationary! I don’t know about you, but I find it really motivational, all those pretty pens and notepads fill me with such excitement. Please say it’s not just me? New stationary is great for making work look so much more appealing, I suggest looking at the Paperchase range of stationary, as they have some really cute things!

Second term is often quite busy as there are numerous deadlines (not to mention the dreaded dissertation for third years…). For most students, this means lots of late nights and sleepy lectures. Getting a travel mug so you can take coffee on the go saves you the cost of getting a Starbucks everyday!

Re-Freshers is also a great excuse to catch up with your friends after the Christmas break although sometimes the excitement can bring back the feared fresher’s flu, so remember to pick up some Lemsip! Alongside this, stock up on healthy snacks to munch on while doing work. They will keep you going throughout the day and not leave you feeling guilty after all that chocolate consumed over Christmas…

One thing that I definitely missed after leaving home to go back to uni is the heating. It is one thing I will never, ever take for granted again! As a student, the heating is something rarely used as it costs so much. These few months will be super cold so invest in a new quilt or blanket. Cath Kidston always has lovely bedding bits so it is worth checking them out.

Finally, a new pair of shoes. No, not essential, but it will help cheer you up from those January blues. Think how great you will feel strutting your stuff back on campus with those new boots. There are loads of a great student discount offers and save on sale perks over at UNiDAYS at the moment, so it is definitely worth a browse!”

A massive thank you to Georgia for this post! We hope you’re all geared up and well back into the swing of uni and if you’re not this post will have definitely helped you on your way! Have an awesome Term 2 and don’t forget to keep up to date with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for some really exciting events and competitions coming up very soon!

5 Healthy Food Hacks You Need to Know

It’s been all about the health and fitness this week. We’ve had some awesome tips and tricks about how to eat more protein on a student budget, you’ve had a chance to win £150 to spend on Lipsy Sport (ends Sunday, hurry up!) plus an awesome boosted 15% discount for MyProtein so we’re nearly fitness-ed out and we bet you are too!

Before it all goes back to normality though we figured we’d give you some easy life hacks and answers to those ever-niggling questions about common healthy foods that’ll make you go ‘Oh, so that’s how!’ and other useful phrases.

1. Avocado
These little guys are a welcome addition to our nachos, we know this much, but they’ve also got loads of other great uses are super healthy. They can be a great substitute to butter in baking as they’re high in healthy fats, just use the same amount of pureed avocado as you would butter and you’ll save about 80 calories, 9g of fat and 7g of saturated fat per tablespoon. Good, huh? Check out these healthy cookies for a little inspiration.

Check if your avocado is ripe by taking out the stem and checking the colour. If it’s light and slightly green then you’re good to go. If it’s dark, you’ve gone too far this time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.30.22

2. Bananas
Bananas are great for boosting energy as they’re full of sugary carbs (not the doughnut kind, the good for you kind) but what do you do when they go off so quickly? Try wrapping the top with cling-film and they’ll apparently last 4-5 days longer in your fruit bowl. Gone too far already? Make protein banana loaf or mini-muffins with your over-ripe bananas to reduce food waste and you’ll have a week’s worth of healthy snacks in less than an hour.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.49.11

3. Eggs
Remember this handy guide when you’re boiling eggs. 5 minutes is just right for dipping your toast in, or your sausages if you’re feeling like boosting your protein and not carb-loading! 6 minutes is great for adding to salads and 7 minutes is awesome for chopping up and munching on as a quick snack.


4. Cauliflower
Watching your carbs? Cauliflower is about to become your best friend. You can use it for pizza bases, to thicken soups (it makes them extra creamy!) and you can also make super yummy nuggets out of them. Check out these 14 amazing recipes and revel in the fact that cauliflower is truly magical.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.43.19

5. Meal Planning
Making sure that you have food prepared is one of the easiest way to keep on track with your healthy eating. This means that you won’t get distracted at lunch time or end up going to the shops hungry as that’s the worst thing for impulse buying! Invest in some serious food storage options. If you’re a UK student, Paperchase always have fun lunch boxes, choose some that you like and your lunch instantly becomes more interesting!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.46.58

Happy hacking! Head over to our Pinterest to find more healthy food ideas, fitness tips and more to keep you on the straight and narrow. But don’t forget to have a treat or two once in a while, head over to site and see what boosted discounts are going on right now.

4 Ways to Wear The Missguided Dress of The Season + 20% off!

Shirt dresses are absolutely massive with the style tribes right now and of course fash-giants Missguided are right in there with the oversized shirt dress of our dreams. In celebration of their ah-mazing 20% off we’re going to show you how to wear this monochrome beauty in four (yes four) different ways!

‘Wow, Is That a Dress?’
First up, we have two babe-tastic daytime looks for you. The great thing about this dress is that you can change it up with items that you’ll definitely have in your wardrobe already. For example, in our first outfit we’d rock this dress over a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a rib crop top for a Nineties take. Try wearing the shirt dress open as a cover-up as opposed to done up and voila you’ve got a chic duster coat to bring it straight back to 2015! We paired our outfit with this season’s it accessory – the duffle shoulder bag.


Layer It Up 
We couldn’t resist some layering and experimenting with different lengths in our second outfit so enter the grey waterfall coat – a must have for this weather. Worn with some over-the-knee socks and the coveted cleated sole knee-high boots it’s cosy and you’ll be werkin’ that minimal chic look in no time.

Girls Night
A dress isn’t truly versatile until you can take it from day to night in a flash of some accessories which is why this shirt dress is the ultimate switcher-upper! For a night out with your girls, go for bare legs and black strappy sandals paired with killer accessories such as an oversized clutch and a statement necklace. Simple, but oh so effective.


50 First Dates
Our final outfit is perfect for a date night. Turn your shirt dress into a cute blouse with the swish of a faux leather skirt and just add mannish pointed lace-up brogues for a touch of edge and Missguided’s mini satchel bag. Throw on a leather jacket or an overcoat to finish the look and you’ve got yourself a perfectly flirty first date outfit!

Let us know which look is your favourite and show us how you’re styling your shirt dresses by tagging us on Instagram. We’re off to scout out some more monochrome beauties on Missguided, we just can’t get enough of this trend! Now where’s that UNiDAYS discount…

GUEST POST: Top 5 Myprotein Picks for New Year Training + 15% Off!

It’s fitness week here at UNiDAYS and we’re all on that New Year’s healthy eating and the pretending we love running hype! We felt like we needed a little help so we’ve enrolled mens lifestyle blogger Luke from LukeSvarc.com to give us the lowdown on some of the best added extras to help us go from soft around the edges to full on buff all care of our awesome retailer Myprotein!

‘So January is here and with it come the New Year’s Resolutions and promises of self-improvement. After the Christmas indulgence it’s no surprise that the number 1 resolution for most people is to lose a little weight. Whether you’ve just joined a gym or are looking to take your training up a notch, my top 5 picks from Myprotein are sure to help you on your journey to a better you!

I strongly believe that diet and a well-structured workout routine are the key to building a body to be proud of but supplements can positively help with your goals and make exercise enjoyable too. Myprotein is definitely my go-to for supplements, their products are the best value for money I’ve found, they taste great and delivery is super-fast and as students you get 15% off too! Check out my top picks below.


1. When we think of the gym, the first thing we think of is ‘those bodybuilding drinks’ as my mum calls them, aka the protein shake. Shakes are a great way to add some protein into your diet and the Myprotein Chocolate Smooth Impact Whey is so tasty it almost feels like cheating. Guys hitting the gym should be looking to consume 2g per KG of body weight of protein and with 21g of protein per scoop this shake is giving you “all kinds of gainz”.

2. Creatine is one of the safest and most researched supplements in the world and only 5 mg of creatine a day can help improve performance in short, high intensity bursts – ideal when searching for that last rep and at just under £4 a bag it’s one of the cheapest supplements available.

3. My personal favourite! When trying to shift the pounds, we have to ditch some of the rubbish from our diets and save it for small treats or cheat meals at the weekend. Protein Pancakes serve up a delicious 34g of protein and just 6g of carbs meaning you can have them at any time you like. Say bye to shrove Tuesday and hello to shredded Tuesday.

4. I know you’re focused on building your biceps and upping your bench but it’s no good having a strong body if your immune system is weak. These daily vitamins help you hit your daily targets for more than five of the essential vitamins, perfect if you’re surrounded by other sniffling students in the library.

5. If you want to look your best whilst training it’s worth investing in some decent gym kit but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. These slim fit sweatpants have a modern silhouette and are a bargain price meaning you can spend the rest of your hard-earned cash on those ‘bodybuilding drinks’ I mentioned earlier. Hopefully this was helpful, come and find me on Twitter if you’ve got any questions!

A massive thank you to Luke for this post and all of his recommendations! Head over to IWOOT and The Hut for more fitness accessories like smoothie blenders and those all-important kitchen scales!

GUEST POST: Pack that Protein-Filled Diet on a Student Budget!

We’re all over this fitness hype right now – drinking smoothies, loving chia seeds and getting really excited about Boohoo’s new FIT range plus eating clean(ish)! But there’s something missing and nagging away, why are we still hungry? We’ve been in touch with some great student fitness bloggers and today Natalie from The Blonde Ethos will educate us all about a little something called protein. It is mega important for our diets, especially if you want to lose weight or build lean muscle so we definitely wanna hear more. Over to you Natalie!

Image c/o Get your FIT on!

“If your diet consists mainly of pasta, pizza and crisps, easy as though it is, chances are you’re not consuming adequate amounts of protein! While your recommended intake will vary depending on your gender, weight and activity level, it’s important to ensure that you’re eating enough. 

Why is protein important?
Like carbs and fats, protein is an essential macronutrient (macros to the big fitness buffs!) that you can’t live without. Proteins are made up of amino acids of which there are 20 in total. Some of these amino acids are ‘essential’ as they can’t be made by the body and so must be consumed as food. Protein is also crucial for building and repairing your body, including your muscles, skin and bones. It also has other benefits such as keeping you full for longer which means waving bye-bye to those 3pm munchies. 

Image c/o Get your FIT on! 

Good sources of protein & how to eat them on a budget!
1. Eggs are the king of protein as they have a high biological value and are complete with all 20 amino acids. Great news for students as they’re also super-affordable and very versatile! Check out one of UNiDAYS favourite egg recipes for mini muffins on Pinterest.

2. Meat is also a great protein source. It’s best to opt for lean meats such as chicken and turkey, or a lean cut of beef. As good quality meat can be expensive, it can be worth buying in bulk and freezing some in order to get the best value for money. 

3. Fish and other seafood also provide a good amounts of protein. Oily fish such as salmon are great sources of super-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. If you’re on a budget, opt for frozen fillets and tins of tuna and mackerel – tinned fish is also brilliant because it requires almost no prep to eat!

4. Dairy products provide protein in smaller amounts than the above, but they’re still great to include in a balanced diet. The best dairy products are greek yogurt and cottage cheese, which is relatively low in fat and can be bought for less than £1 a tub.

062e2f7d1f3a2bfa1030487270812943Image c/o Get your FIT on! 

5. Nuts, especially almonds and cashews, make a great addition to stir-fries and are the perfect snack. They contain good levels of healthy fats and have a long shelf life. Consider popping a pack in your bag for when you get peckish. 

6. Beans and pulses have a lower nutritional quality than animal sources of protein, but are a good vegetarian/vegan option and are super cheap so they’re great for bulking out other dishes. Try adding some lentils to soups and beans to lean beef mince for a chilli.

7. Protein powders are still largely misunderstood. While they are used by bodybuilders, it’s not because they contain magic ingredients; it’s purely to ensure that they achieve their high protein requirements. Protein powders
 require almost no prep so they’re great for on the go, they’re also usually really affordable – some actually work out under 30p per serving! If you fancy trying to add some into your diet, grab 10% off MyProtein with UNiDAYS and try their best seller – Impact Whey Protein – I can recommend the delicious Chocolate Smooth and Rocky Road flavours!”

9c3e3155ac69269ce0d828ceda5a1a1aImage c/o The Blonde Ethos

A massive thanks to Natalie for this post. If you have any comments or further questions about different healthy sources of protein and how to incorporate them into your student budget and lifestyle, get in touch with Natalie via Twitter and head over to her blog for some serious fit-spo! Keep your eyes peeled for more fitness posts this week to keep those New Year’s resolutions in check!

Fashion Dads – Our New Instagram Obsession

It’s true, the world of fashion blogging has blown up over the past few years – it’s now a full on profession and bloggers all over the world are earning big bucks from it! This said, the amount of hilarious parody Instagram accounts are also on the rise, we loved Menswear Dog, that cute pup all dressed up in dapper menswear was enough to melt your heart! Now we’re loving Fashion Dads, they’re definitely the next big thing. Think 40+ dads who have little or no fashion sense wearing their fave outfits and writing the caption as fashion bloggers. Trust us, it has to be seen to be believed!

1. The Double C!
If there’s something we love – it’s a grown man wearing a Grinch hat with a sassy look on his face. The perfect festive accessory, no? We’re trying this ground-breaking look out when we get home because it looks SO cosy!


2. Footwear. Is. Everything
The #vintage in this caption makes the photo! This guy can take an old pair of trainers and some faded jeans and create such an awesome description – true talent.


3. Simplicity and Subtle Sexiness
We’re not going to lie, ‘subtle sexiness’ isn’t the first thing that came to mind when we saw this guy in his yellow and navy get-up but we do love how he’s coordinated his socks and his shirt! That’s true style.

4. #SkinnyArm
We think he missed out the vital hashtag for this snap – #headlamp is a missed opportunity, dontcha think? We’re also obsessed with his mixed and match print decisions – tartan on tartan. It’s definitely a DO!


We’re sure you’ve not had enough of the hilarity that is Fashion Dads. We love it, they’ve definitely got some bottle doing this but luckily most fashion bloggers are able to laugh at themselves too! Check out their Instagram for more LOL-worthy snaps and captions. 

Top 5 Organisation Life Hacks for Uni!

The Christmas break seems like a distant dream and you’re right back where you started – in your uni room trying to find some seminar notes from last year that your tutor has told you are VITAL. Your thought process will go a little like this…. “Where are they? Oh well, it can’t be life-changing, can it? I’ll just get dressed and go to the lecture…” Then you realise you can’t find ANY clothes. You need to get sorted, before this gets out of hand!

Here are our top 5 organisation hacks that are perfect for getting yourself through the daily university struggle of finding everything that you need! Go on, give them a go, you’ll thank us one day.

1. File It!
Grab yourself box files, ring binders or drawer dividers and keep everything that you need together in sections. Chuck away and recycle any old bits of paper that are totally useless, don’t just stack them up in a pile. Create a ‘personal’ important file of everything you get from the bank, your student loan company and the university, (they send you stuff for a reason) it’s probably important. Make a folder for each module or term of your course with important lecture notes and handouts. You’ll thank us when you’re not up until 2am trying to find that all important set of notes. UK students – head to Paperchase and check out some of their sale bargains. You get 10% off!


2. Colour Code
Take yourself back to the late 90s/early Noughties again, fill a pencil case with coloured gel pens, it’s time to get creative. Limit yourself to a colour per topic or section that you’re revising though because looking at a rainbow isn’t the easiest way to remember the important stuff! Using a few coloured pens will help you concentrate on particular topics and revising and making notes will suddenly be loads more fun.

3. Make Your Desk Space Workable
If your desk is covered in paper, old coffee cups and the odd paper clip it’s time to get tidying. A clear desk equals a clear mind and you won’t get distracted as much if there isn’t clutter around. Head to Pinterest for some desk-inspo, this might sound crazy but once your desk is looking fresh, your concentration will rocket!


Girls, tidy your make-up and never look back. Invest in some storage shelves, draw dividers and reuse old candle glasses for your brushes. You’ll never be searching for that lonely eyeshadow or mystery lipgloss again. It also looks really pretty and you can see everything that you have.

4. Save EVERYTHING in Different Places
This is more of a safety-net than an organisation skill! Whenever you create a digital document for your course, save it on a cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive, save one to your desktop AND save a copy to your memory stick. There’s nothing worse than leaving your memory stick in the library computer and losing your entire dissertation!

5. Put Stuff Away
But not in any old way. Train yourself to fold your clothes like this and you’ll be able to see every T-shirt and top in your drawer. If you’ve only got a tiny wardrobe, invest in slim hangers and you’ll be able to pack more clothes into the same space.

Organisation-Life-Hacks-Blog-PostFollow these 5 top tips and you’ll become a productivity and organisation king. Those lost notes will be a thing of the past and you’ll never have to pick an outfit from the floor-drobe ever again!