Back to Uni Essentials – (The Denmark Edition)

Summer is almost over and it’s nearly time to go back to university so we thought that we’d ease you in a little bit with some awesome discounts and our best picks for going back to term in style!

With amazing brands like ASOS, Missguided and Urban Outfitters offering 10% student discount with us, getting the back to school look for less is super easy. Get street style monochrome style with these Missguided Black Skinny Jeans for DKK 270.00 paired with the tailored Missguided White Blazer which is DKK 225.00.


Blogger fave Grafea are stocked over at My Bag, and with 10% off you can save some serious cash on this White Backpack which is now DKK 1558.80. Not into the backpack trend? This timeless tote from Missguided is a steal at DKK 179.98! Don’t stop with the accessories there, get some Marc Jacobs Sunglasses  for less from Shopbop and finish the look off with a chic timepiece like this watch from ASOS.

We like to give you guys a choice, so for the top half we’re loving this ASOS Top which is perfect for casual days at uni but we were torn over this one from Urban Outfitters so we’ve popped that in too! Or go really 60s minimalist with this ASOS Dress for DKK 269.99. Treat your feet with some heeled boots from ASOS that are perfect for Winter term and switch it up with these New Balance Trainers for that off-duty style.

Head over to our Pinterest for some more street style inspiration!


Don’t neglect your surroundings just because you’re at university and not at home anymore. Make your room feel more homely with this Bunny Lamp from I Want One Of Those, the only way to light up those late night studies, right? Student rooms have a tendency to smell kinda weird, it’s not your fault, it just seems to happen so be prepared and make your room come up roses with a pretty Neom Candle! Never miss a lecture with this awesome iPhone Alarm Dock either, you’ll be always up on time with a little help from this guy.

Finally, a little bit of tech never hurt anybody right? We’re loving this Fujifilm Camera from Urban Outfitters and this Nike Phone Case will make those daily tweets all the more fun!

Don’t forget to check out UNiDAYS to see what other awesome discounts are on offer!

New Semester Style Icons

The new semester has crept up quickly and we bet your wardrobe is crying out for some new season threads to get you ready for Fall. We’ve chosen our three favorite style icons of the moment and have picked some items to help you get their look for less with UNiDAYS. We’re talking cosy jackets, cute booties and plenty of style from our awesome retailers who are all offering college discount off every piece in this post!

Kylie Jenner
As one fifth of the Kardashian/Jenner sister tribe, we know this girl has some serious style,  (it’s definitely in her genes!), but she really knows how to rock the casual look that’s perfect for college.


Get her look with these awesome (and almost identical!) tailored Missguided Camel Dungarees paired with this Boohoo Crop Top which is a steal at only $14.40!


Accessorize with these Missguided Sunglasses and this sleek New Look Backpack which is perfect for all your books, wallet and other college essentials!  Add a slick of Kylie’s favourite nude-hued Lipstick and throw on a jacket or a cute sweater for when the temperature drops and you’re good to go. This look can easily be paired with Converse sneakers if you aren’t feeling the 4-inch heels for walking around campus — can’t say we blame you for that one!

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe always nails her off-duty style and looks awesome in casual pieces that are perfect for braving the weather once Winter comes along.


This All Saints Jacket is the ultimate Winter cover-up. It’s pricey, this we know, but there’s 20% off with your UNiDAYS college discount — plus, it can be worn with literally everything from dresses to jeans, dressed up or down. It’s the ultimate college style investment. Pair with some skinny jeans like our Missguided pick for only $43.19 or if you fancy something a bit more stand-out we’re loving these monochrome plaid leggings from ASOS!


Accessorize with some killer boots, these Missguided ones are the ideal balance between day-time cool and hard-hitting style. Throw these ASOS Sunglasses into your purse and you’ve got the Chloe look down. Love the quilted purse? Get the Chanel style for a whole lot less with this ASOS beauty at $31.34!

Taylor Swift
We know that Taylor loves her vintage and retro styling, she’s hardly ever snapped without a cute 50′s style purse or collar and this is why we heart her style. This girl knows what she likes and she does it so well!


You can get her retro style for 15% less with your UNiDAYS college discount at Modcloth and we’ve chosen some of our favorite pieces from their site. We think these tops and sweaters would be right up Taylor’s street. What do you think?

Finish your vintage-esque outfit with Wayfarer style Sunglasses and an awesome statement purse like this French Connection pick for the true Taylor look. Swifty loves a red lip and this ties in perfectly with the retro glamour. Try this Bourjois Lip Crayon for an easy day-to-day alternative to full on lipstick.


Modcloth Cardigan
Modcloth Stripy Top
Modcloth Collared Top

Don’t forget to check out all the college discounts that are available at the moment over on site. Missguided currently have 20% off for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!

GUEST POST: How to Make New Halls a Home!

For the next post in our Back to Uni blog series we’ve got one of our favourite UK bloggers, Kate from Under Blue Lights, to give us a little bit of student bedroom inspiration. She’s full of great ideas to make your uni room, be it halls or in a shared house, feel like home! Over to you, Kate… UK-bloggers3

“When I first left home for University, one of the things I was most looking forward to was decorating my new room – I couldn’t wait to go shopping and pick up various trinkets and treasures in order to personalise my space. Lucky for any students moving away this year, the high street is packed full of affordable lifestyle pieces which are sure to make your bedroom appear much cosier. Here are some of my favourites:

Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Ben Linen.
What’s more inviting than a freshly made bed? Cath Kidston bedding will always have a place in my dream room – it’s so pretty and girly. Perfect for a duvet day spent snuggled up with films and plenty of biscuits.


Urban Outfitters Orchid Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are an absolute must-have for me. I think they instantly make any room look more attractive and welcoming! How you display them is entirely up to you; you can drape them around your headboard, hang them above your mirror or even position them across your wall and peg a few Polaroids onto them.


Urban Outfitters Snapshot Photo Frames
I love being surrounded by old photos. They add a touch of personality to my room and, when I first moved to University, I used to look at them whenever I felt a bit homesick. These magnetic photo frames are perfect for dressing up your radiator or fridge.

House of Fraser Linea Scented Candle
Finally, another must have for me is a scented candle. House of Fraser has a delicious selection – just pick your favourite fragrance and enjoy!


Top marks for Kate’s epic suggestions on how to give your new pad that homely touch — some great ideas for those entering their first year of uni too! For any of you that have some tips of your own, let us hear them in the comments below and if you want to see more from Kate, find her on Twitter & follow her awesome blog over on Bloglovin’ too!

Fancy being a guest blogger for our next blog post series? Send us a tweet to @UNiDAYS_TheEdit and we’ll try and respond to each and every query!

And finally, don’t forget to check out our boosted discounts to get yourself uni ready for the up and coming term, there’s some serious bargains to be scored so get out there and grab ‘em.

10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Your First Weeks at Uni

The time is nearly here, you pack up the car with what seems like a million boxes that you probably won’t unpack until the second week of Freshers and your mum is probably crying. You’re off to uni and it’s about to get real. Here are a couple of things that people won’t tell you about your first few weeks of life at uni plus a couple of handy hints and tips about stuff that you might forget to take. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

1. Your student card photo expectation:tumblr_n9uo93JnoI1sxlr2xo1_r1_500

Reality:Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 13.06.57

Remember, you’ve got this card for the next 3-4 years of your life, (unless you lose it in the SU and have to pay a fiver to get it renewed!) so try and make it a good one. Don’t wear too much make-up (you too guys) and smile!

 2. Carnage will actually be just that:

Embrace the carnage that is Carnage. It will only happen a few times a year and if you’re careful you won’t end up on the Daily Mail website! Make an effort with your fancy dress and you’ll have the best time, through from getting ready with your flatmates to finding yourself in someone else’s costume by 3am.

3. You’ll never be as happy as you are when your mum comes to visit with food

Vine c/o Rudy Mancuso

and even though there’s food in the house you’ll probably end up eating out and looking like this a lot…

4. Expectation of how you and your new flatmates are gonna totes be rocking it on campus…


The reality is you’ll probably spend more time stuck to your couch whilst asleep drooling over each other after a Netflix marathon, so don’t worry about that ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ motto — you really won’t care.


5. The happiest you’ll be is on loan day when you’ll feel like the biggest baller around.


Then you spend it all. A week later this is what 10p looks like to you when you spy it under a cereal box stuck to your kitchen floor…



Remember, a budget isn’t always a bad thing — and of course putting our discounts to good use means you can save some away for a rainy day (or par-tay!).

6. You’ll be all like this on your first day of lectures:

Then like this by the end of term…

OK, so your motivation may start to slip but do try to stick with it — it’s not the end of the world to skip a few lectures but don’t make it a habit, because they become hard to break!

7. You’ll start dancing like this after one too many bevvies:

But don’t hide your head in shame, cringing at the thought of your drunken antics the night before — just get a sausage sandwich down you and all will be forgotten.

8. Lectures will either end up with you being like this:


or this…

If you really don’t get something and it seems important, check it out, it probably is!

9. If you’re a guy, living with girls…this does not mean that she fancies you:

this probably does…


This will be you by the end of your first year of uni:

Firstly, celebration…

Secondly, realisation…


10 of the Best Cooking Show Inuendos Ever

The Great British Bake-off is back on our screens in the UK and as much as we love watching them create all the amazing cakes and immediately heading to the nearest shop to buy our own (as if we’d make them ourselves!), the thing we love the most is the endless supply of puns and innuendos that seem to take over the show!

We’ve grabbed 10 of our absolute favourites from over the years and compiled them into this post. From Nigella to Masterchef with a sizeable dollop of the Great British Bake-off chucked in, you’re guaranteed a giggle.

1. Paul Hollywood’s words of wisdom

2. John Torode is confused

3. Mel – Great British Bake-Offenhanced-31200-1407362374-2Image c/o BuzzFeed

4. Nigella making something butteryanigif_enhanced-buzz-9465-1386243513-5 nigella-5
Images c/o FHM & BuzzFeed

5. Mary Berry’s Words of Wisdomenhanced-19394-1407357388-1
Image c/o BuzzFeed

6. A quite aggressive Gregg Wallace Gregg-Wallace
Image c/o Mirror

 7. It’s Sue’s turn!foodinnuendo1

8. and again..
Image c/o Good to Know

9. Paul Wetting the Finger

10. Mary’s Nuts

Here’s a little wink from Mary to say see ya next time!4a1f2080-1d84-11e4-aa8c-fb8e96e4a052_Unknown-7

Image c/o Good to Know

Find the Right Laptop for You & Your Course

The new term is nearly here and a laptop is almost certainly one of the first things likely to be on your mind — a close second behind how bad your student card photo is going to be and how many shots you’ll consume on the first night of Freshers (or Refreshers!).

Because you’ve got loads to do already, we thought we’d give you a little hand choosing the right laptop for you and your course’s needs. Plus, you can head over  to our Technology Edit see what other techy products and gadgets we’re rating at the moment; there’s everything from printers to tablets to get you ready for the new uni year

HP SlateBook 14


This is the World’s first Android Laptop so it’s absolutely perfect if you have a phone that also runs off the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. Everything from your apps to your emails will be so easily transferred from one device to another you might as well live life lying down because  you’ll be so relaxed. No more stressing about syncing devices that weren’t made to work together!

This touchscreen laptop has a 14″ screen with an extended battery life of up to 9 hours. This means no scrabbling for your charger when you’re working on the sofa or Netflix cutting out in the middle of the new series of Orange is The New Black.

Music wise, the HP SlateBook has quad BeatsAudio™ speakers that are backed by dual sub-woofers. This means that it’s designed to give you the best-sounding audio on a laptop on the market!

Super powerful, sleek and weighing in at only 1.7kg you’ll be able to easily transport this to uni day after day if you need to. It also has the capability to connect wirelessly to other displays making presentations about a million times easier — no more worrying about fiddly memory sticks or dodgy internet connections.

Great if you:
- Need to transport it a lot
- Love your music, games and movies
- Are on a music production course or similar!
- Already have an Android device
- Need lots of storage; it comes with up to 64GB

Lenovo Flex 14 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop


The Lenovo Flex 14 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop is optimised for touch and turns  into a free-standing tablet with just a swish of the keyboard. It flips 300° to create a comfier touchscreen experience which include loads of gestures including swipes, taps and pinches to easily move your programmes and apps around.

The Lenovo flex runs on Windows 8.1 and has an Intel® Core™ i3-4010U Processor which is great if you’re used to the Microsoft ways of life. Windows 8.1 has brought back the classic Start button which makes the ease of use even better. You can also choose the classic desktop from Windows 7 and previous if you want to kick it old-school.

Another great thing about the Windows OS is the fact that it also connects to a cloud if you already have a Windows device meaning that whenever you log in your changes and media are automatically updated on your other devices. Clever, huh?

One of the best things about this laptop is the OneKey Recovery system which backs everything up and makes it easier to recover stuff if something goes wrong. Perfect if you can be a little bit trigger happy on the keyboard and occasionally press the wrong button!

The 500GB Hard-drive is great if you’ve got loads to store and the powerful processing means it can deal with multi-tasking really well.

Great if you:
- Have a Windows device already
- Write a lot of essays – trusty Microsoft Word will always have your back.
- Clumsy with the delete key!
- Are on an English or Journalism course
- Need a lot of storage

Toshiba Satellite 15″ Laptop

The Toshiba Satellite 15″ is another one that runs on the almighty Windows 8.1 and is of course great if you have a Windows phone as things will run really smoothly from device to device. This is also the biggest laptop of them all in this post in terms of storage, weight and screen size! It has 750 GB of memory, it weighs 2.2kg and has a 15.6″ screen! It has a battery life of 6 hours and Intel HD Graphics so it’s perfect for watching movies and series in high definition. For £329.99 you can’t go wrong for a sturdy and quality laptop that will last you the test of university time.

Great if you:
- Have a Windows device already
- Need large amounts of storage and are on a creative course where you’ll need to store lots of large files like videos
- Love watching movies on your laptop – 15.6″ screen

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop

The HP Pavilion x360 has a 11.6″ HD screen which is a perfect size to take it from functional laptop to comfortable on-the-go tablet and back to hands-free entertainment at home. The built in BeatsAudio™ is a huge selling point of this laptop, if you want incredible sound quality, there’s nothing else on the market like it! HP Connected Music is also another great perk, you get unlimited listening to radio playlists for 12 months ad-free and a chance to win gig tickets for your favourite artists.

This laptop also won the’s Best of MWC 2014 award. This is the Mobile World Congress award, the largest mobile industry exhibition, so that’s a pretty good award to have!

Great if you:
- Need a laptop and a tablet but can’t afford both!
- Are on a media or film course as the screen with it’s Intel HD Graphics & BeatsAudio™ sound give off a great experience.
-  Love your music and movies – the sound quality is awesome.
- Need to transport it to uni a lot – it’s super light at only 1.4kg.

Win a Back to Uni Bundle! UNiDAYS & PC World are giving away a Toshiba L50 Laptop worth £399 & Beats Solo HD Headphones worth £139. Click HERE to enter. 

Don’t forget that you can save up to 33% off HP products in-store with the UNiDAYS App!

Back To School Guest Post – Allie’s Fashion Alley

It’s time for another guest blogger and this time we’ve got one of our favourite US bloggers, Allie from Allie’s Fashion Alley to help us along with a little dorm-room inspiration for all the college students that are moving into their new places soon!

So, over to Allie for her opinion on what’s rad for your pad…

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 14.59.04

“A well-decorated dorm room or apartment can help you feel at ease while you’re living away from home for the first time. My dorm room must-haves are quirky, colorful accents that make my space feel unique. ModCloth has amazing options for all your bedding, bath, and kitchen needs. Bedding is always first on my to-do list.  The I Speak Cat pillow set from ModCloth can be paired with any of the vintage-inspired bedding on the site.

Next, replace the boring curtain that comes in your dorm with a fun, floral one. For your bathroom, a mint green trash can, funny shower curtain, and tribal print towel will make getting ready for class more fun. Even if your dorm doesn’t have a full kitchen, a fun mug like the My Little Pony one, and retro-patterned silverware are still dining essentials.Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 2.28.04 PM (1)On your desk display a pretty mirror that doubles as a jewelry organizer to save space. For a finishing touch, use a pretty frame from ASOS to show off a picture of family or friends back home. Visit ModCloth and ASOS for more dorm essentials that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect space!”

Curtain / Meow pillows / Silverware / Pendleton towel / Photo frame / Mug  / Trash can / Mirror jewelry stand / Shower curtain

Follow Allie over on Twitter & Bloglovin’ to never miss a piece of her stylish advice!

You can get loads of great discounts off brands such as Modcloth, ASOS and Jack Wills from the UNiDAYS site. Don’t forget to tweet us with your savings!

Trend Alert: Colour Blocking in 2014

Colour blocking used to be all about those straight lines and mixing two different colours to create a striking outfit. It was great, but that was then, and this is now. Colour blocking has taken on a whole new level of intricate geometry and celebs such as Taylor Schilling, Diane Kruger and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini have been showing us how they rock this trend.

rs_634x1024-140801083359-634.Taylor-Schilling-Colorblock-Dress.jl.080114Image c/o E! Entertainment

This Roland Mouret dress looks incredible on Taylor as the colours really complement her hair and skin tone. She’s also paired it with this season’s fave shoe – the barely there sandal.

Our very own Cheryl has been getting in on the colour blocking act over at the X Factor auditions with another lovely blue, pink and white creation from Roland Mouret. That guy really knows how to colour block right now.

article-2716168-2041F6E300000578-610_634x628Image c/o @misscheryl Instagram

Diane Kruger is looking all kinds of pretty in this Roksanda colour block midi dress. We also really like the contrast of the pink shoes alongside all of the other colours going on. It shouldn’t work, but it really, really does!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.23.06Image c/o E! Entertainment

We’ve put together some picks of the best colour block items to hit the high street and online from our amazing retailers which means that you can get at least 10% off all of these bargain buys. The key is to be as asymmetric or geometric as you can which means more random shapes, triangles and diagonals. Structured fabrics are also a must, this is not the place for floaty chiffon and silk, it’s all about the neoprene and textured materials right now.

This Nicole X Missguided long-sleeved dress is right up our street. The cut outs make it great for a night out and the colour blocking is really striking with the mix of monochrome and bright cobalt blue.

_o9x0132_1Nicole X Missguided Dress – £40.50 with your UNiDAYS Discount

French Connection have also nailed the trend with their Manhattan dress in this chic and sophisticated navy, white and pink combination. This could easily work for a night out or party but, because of the length and the sleeves, it would also be perfect for a smarter occasion such as an interview. Double whammy!

French Connection Dress – £51.00 with your UNiDAYS Discount!

Want to rock the trend but your budget isn’t what it used to be? The Boohoo Natasha Dress is here to answer all your prayers! This is also a dress that’s full of trickery, the middle navy section acts as a focal point to draw the eye down the body, making your waist look more defined. This is the perfect dress for girls who are trying to add some extra curves.

Boohoo Dress – £18.00 with your UNiDAYS Discount!

Keep accessories simple and coordinating when wearing a striking dress like one of the above but don’t worry, you can still go bright like we’ve seen Taylor Schilling & Diane Kruger do. Get their look with these bright cobalt blue heels from Missguided or the feminine fuchsia pink version from Office.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.38.11 8926513332254


So there we have it! Go bold, bodycon and bright on your next night out or big event with these stylish buys. Don’t forget to use your UNiDAYS discount on them all!

6 Viners You Need To Follow…

1. Logan Paul
This guy does things which sound completely un-funny but turns them into comedy gold, like pretending you’re on the phone when it’s actually a bottle of caramel sauce and jumping around a supermarket dressed like a wrestler. Sounds rubbish, but it really is pretty hilarious.  See compilations of his best vines over on YouTube.

2. Coolest Mum Ever Sometimes wish your mum was all crazy and into social media too? Check Christine Esposito out.

3. One Hit Wonder Remember that cheeky racoon that stole the cat’s food? This is the guy that it came from. See him dance in a Teletubby costume. 4. Rudy Mancuso
This guy has the kind of life we all want. Making stupid videos with his friends, ALL DAY. Here’s one of our favourites.

5. 6 Second Auditions Ok so not technically a viner but something that’s trending massively on Vine at the moment are these 6 second auditions where people ‘audition’ for parts in classic movies. This guy, Cody Ko, started it!

6. Get Out Me Car! Northern gal Tish Simmonds became an overnight viral sensation. Just incredible.

And there’s been so many parodies already! This is our favourite -

5 BBQ Hacks to Make Your Life Easier…and Tastier

Spiral Hot Dogs
Did you know this is the best way to get that smokey BBQ flavour all up in there? Just skewer and then twist as you cut it diagonally. It also makes sure that your hotdog is cooked all the way through, so no more soggy middles — boom!

BBQhacks4Image c/o

Muffin Tin Sauces
Use a muffin tin for your condiments and save on washing up loads of little tiny bowls! This will also stop people double dipping into your mayo jar with BBQ-y cutlery. That’s even more gross than toast crumbs in the butter. Mini motorbike not mandatory.

BBQhacks5Image c/o

Tortilla Chip Firelighters
Ran out of firelighters? Did you know that Doritos and other tortilla chips make really good kindling for BBQs? Save some to have with the muffin tin dips though.

BBQhacks2Image c/o Buzzfeed

BBQ Bananas
For a tasty BBQ dessert slice open a banana with the skin still on, add whatever fillings you like and then wrap up in tin foil and pop on the barbie for a few minutes. We love chocolate chips with maybe a squeeze of honey? Add popping candy on afterwards to really blow your mind.

BBQblogImage c/o What’s Gaby Cooking?

Cookie Smores
Toast your cookies on the BBQ for a few minutes either side to give them some smokey flavour and then grab your favourite ice-cream and stick it in the middle of your now warmed cookies. Enjoy!

BBQhacks3Image c/o Jamie Cooks It Up