Ease into Autumn with New Look

Gents, I know this summer hasn’t been all it was cracked up to be, and as summer comes to an end you’ve gotta get ready for that transition into autumn, where it’s too warm for a jumper but a t-shirt just won’t do. Luckily, New Look is here to help with their latest menswear range to help you ease into autumn whatever your style.

New Look are focusing on texture and pattern for their Hipster range and this aztec print roll sleeve t-shirt is a perfect example of that. Combine it with a pair of skinny stretch chinos, some simple black plimsoles and this snazzy contrast cap for the ultimate casual look. Throw on a navy jacket for those colder days and you’re onto a winner.


The Watergate range is giving a retro 70s feel to the smart-casual look this autumn and we’re loving this white tile print tee and these suedette loafers. These faded jeans are an essential for any man’s wardrobe and you can go from day to night with minimal effort just by throwing on this jersey blazer.


The New Look Rebel trend is perfect for the guys who just wanna kick back and relax. These acid wash jeans can be paired with just about anything to suit any style, like this striped tee for those lazy days or this grey-rose t-shirt for an effortless evening look. Add a dash of colour to your outfit with this check shirt and throw on these comfy black trainers before you head out.

And there you have it, three simple looks that will take you from summer to autumn with budget-friendly style. Head on over to New Look to get your autumn style sorted, and don’t forget your UNiDAYS discount!

Top 8 Uni Organisation Hacks!

Heading back to or starting uni is a huge deal. You’ve got to pack all your worldly goods into the back of your dad’s car and pray that nothing falls out when he opens it. Yep, that happened to me, goodbye all the new plates. To stop the packing nightmare we’ve got a few tips for getting to uni and for being organised once you get there!

1. Make a List
Before leaving, make sure that you know everything that you need, you’re bound to forget a few bits but make sure you’ve got everything to get you through your first night. We’re talking contact lens solution, toilet roll, toothpaste, fresh pants and maybe some tea bags!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.42.31
Image ℅ @alliemayredmond

2. Don’t Take Everything
Trust me, you won’t need everything that you think you will. Pack as if you’re going on a month-long holiday. You can always go home for things that are essential.

3. Pack Wisely
I heard that the old rolling your clothes instead of folding trick means that you have more space to pack, so, I gave it a go! If I can get a week’s worth of clothes into a hand-luggage suitcase, this is a seriously awesome hack. Roll everything that you can and stuff them into other places i.e pants into shoes. It’s literally life-changing.

4. Get Some Storage
Now, when it comes to actually being organised at uni, storage is the key because you won’t have a lot of space. Things like box files are great for storing stationery in on the way to uni and they’ll be super useful whilst you’re there too.Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.50.505. File It
This is along the same lines as above but a tiny bit more serious. Create a ‘personal’ folder of everything you get from the bank, your student loan company and the university, (they send you stuff for a reason) – it’s probably important and you won’t be scrabbling around every piece of paper you’ve ever seen 4 years later for your Student Finance number… Trust me on this one.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.47.46Image ℅ @IKEAUK

6. Get your Plan On
Uni is the best place to hone your planning skills! Whether you plan your meals, your outfits or just your entire life – planning is a pretty essential skill of adult life unfortunately. List pads are great for this.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.49.10Image ℅ @charlottedm_

7. One for The Girls
Invest in a little make-up storage, halls are pretty gross places so keeping the products that you’re using on your face away from grub and grime is essential. There are so many cool hacks on Pinterest for storing things and you can get some nifty little acrylic boxes which are awesome-ly wipeable from loads of high street stores!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.47.52
Image ℅ @alliemayredmond

8. Save, save and save again!
This tip will take action once you actually start creating work for your course. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve lost your memory stick or that you saved a file to a library computer and you have to go through all the possible ones until you find it (me again!). Therefore, grab yourself an old school memory stick, sign up to Dropbox or Google Drive and save things to your laptop’s hard drive. Get into the habit of doing this every time you produce some work and you won’t be panicking last minute!

New Perk Alert – 15% off PacSun!

Here’s a little perk we’re absolutely loving; 15% off PacSun has arrived! If you need your fix of California cool for less, UNiDAYS is the place to get it. Here are our top pics from Kendall & Kylie’s new collection.

The Jenner sisters sure know how to curate a collection, every single piece is so on point, we’re loving it. How beautiful is the criss-cross back embroidered apron dress? It would look amazing on vacation, as would the cold shoulder romper, khaki is definitely the color of the season. Why not pair the lace-up sweater tank with denim cut-offs for the ultimate summer look? The star of the show for us has to be the beautiful fringe wrap dress, the colours are so perfect for transitioning into Fall yet they’d still look amazing under the summer sun!



Guess Who’s Back?

We’ve got a teeny announcement for you guys. Currys PC World are back on board with up to 15% off, just in time for heading back to uni, getting some awesome results and bagging a new laptop in the mean time! All you need to do to is head into your nearest branch armed with your UNiDAYS app and pick out the new machine you’ve got your eye on.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 14.10.27Image c/o @myunidays

And then we thought, what better time than now to let you know about some kick-ass new perks that have also recently launched. There is literally something for everyone! Whether you’re into your tech, the gym or you’re an Insta-queen, there’s a perk for you. First up, the awesome Maxinutrition launched last week with an epic 50% off, that’s a seriously saving on those gains.

If you’re more tech than peck deck, 10% off Microsoft could be right up your street! PLUS our social girls have been going ga-ga for 20% off Rock n Rose – just look at these gorgeous jewels. They’re perfect for festival season, check out Allie’s favourite selection below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 16.16.49Image c/o @myunidays

Topshop & Topman Student Lates are BACK!

Make sure you’ve got your UNiDAYS app downloaded and ready to go for these amazing Topman & Topshop Student Late events coming to a store near you!
There’ll be sweet treats, 20% off, live music and exclusive giveaways at four stores over the next few weeks, all you need to do is head down to your nearest one with your phone and your wish list! Check out all the dates below.

Wednesday 29th July – Emporium, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Tuesday 4th August – Albert Street, Brisbane
Wednesday 5th August – Gowings Building, Market Street, Sydney
Thursday 13th August – Carillon City, Murry St Mall, Perth

Top 5 Missguided Back to College Pieces

Heading back to college? Your suitcases are bound to be bulging at the seams, right? Maybe it’s time to assess the clothes situation and slim-line things down a bit! With 20% off Missguided it’s the perfect excuse to grab 5 staple pieces that will literally change your closet dynamic!

1. The Denim Dress
Ever wondered why you spend so much time in jeans? We all have. Change up your everyday jeans for this amazing dungaree midi dress and hello, Instagram-worthy outfit! Literally every garment that you already love too pair with jeans will look great with this dress. Plus, it’s a cute warm-weather alternative.


2. The Statement Tee
You can’t go wrong with a cropped white tee and this Missguided one is packing some serious style punch.

3. The Instant Outfit Dress
When you’re having one of those days when you just can’t pair pants and a shirt together, this is the antidote! Pop on a cute dress such as Missguided’s long-sleeve pleated swing dress. It’s hitting all the trend targets and you’ll be ready for class in no time.

4. The LBD
Heading out with the girls or with that cute guy? Don’t know what to wear? A classic little black dress is all you need to be hot to trot in less than 5 minutes! We love the plunge midi dress because you can add whatever accessories you like and it still does all the talking.

5. The Flares
You know all those plain tanks and tees you’ve got? The ones that look a bit boring with just jeans? ENTER the chevron print flares! Dull outfits are a thing of the past with these bad boys. Don’t forget to grab a code for 25% Missguided college discount!


10 Tips for Personalizing Your Dorm Room!

We’ve enrolled the absolutely awesome Meghan from fashion blog Lincoln Park Minute to give us some tips on how to personalize your dorm room – it’s such a huge part of college life it’s important to make your space somewhere you want to be! Take it away, Meghan...

One of the most exciting parts of the college experience is having your own dorm room to decorate however you please. With this creative freedom, you might become too overwhelmed. Fortunately, I have some tips for you!

1. Choose a focal point to base your room around. Whether you opt for minimalism or a bright, preppy color scheme, it will help you brainstorm ideas. It can be anything from an image on Pinterest to an item you find in a store.


2. Find a fabulous duvet. This one at Urban Outfitters is one of my favorites. They have so many comforters to reflect a ton of different personalities. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to commit to a single pattern, you can buy duvet covers and inserts separately.

3. Create a gallery wall. From prints to framed pictures and magazine collages, your gallery can act as a mood board to inspire you each day and night. If you want something easier, seek out a unique poster like this one from Karmaloop.

4. Make your desk space stylish. A white magazine holder, desk organizer and calendar can brighten up your space. By staying neat, you can work much more focused.

5. Do it yourself! Crafts are the ultimate personalization for your room. You don’t have to consider yourself skillful. Thanks to Urban Outfitters, creating your own plant terrarium or zen garden is made simple.

6. Spice up your mini-fridge. If you’re a college student, you probably can’t survive without coffee. Put a Keurig, K cup holder and some cute mugs on top to form a mini coffee ‘stand.’


7. Organization can be cute and functional. This chest of drawers from Modcloth serves to store your things while also being visually appealing.

8. Don’t forget about your bathroom, if you have a personal one! A standout shower curtain can act as the focus of attention. A fun cotton ball holder adds some charm!

9. Trinkets go a long way. No nightstand is complete without a jewelry dish or photo frame of your loved ones at home. Little things around your room can show your visitors small pieces of whom you are.

10. Most dorm carpeting is old and made up of an unfortunate fabric. To cover it up, consider putting a focal point rug in the middle of the room like this solid color one.

Above all, make sure your dorm room represents whom you are. It’s your space and at the end of a day of long classes, it’ll be the place you decompress so why not make it comfortable and all about you?

Connect with Meghan by following her on Twitter and Instagram at @lincolnparkmin!

Essential Back to College Accessories

Heading back to college can seem like a bit of a chore, but don’t forget that it’s an excuse to get brand new stationery, supplies and accessories! We’ve got 15% off new perk, Valfré, 10% off Urban Outfitters, 25% off Missguided (starting Monday 27th July) and 20% off UNIF to get you well on the way to a fresh new wardrobe for school.

Have all your ‘too many books to carry’ troubles melt away by investing in the babin’ UNIF Badsport psychedelic backpack! And make sure you’ve got all your supplies for class – this obviously begins with a killer phone case. We’re all over Valfré’s Basic Repellent iPhone case. No basics here, plz. Make a statement with this neon yellow Urban Outfitters laptop sleeve, made out of funky neoprene, it definitely adds a fresh take on college supplies.


For days when you don’t need all your books and your laptop this super-cute novelty pencil shoulder bag is a great size for cash, cards and your essential lip-products. It’s also big enough to fit a vegan leather card case that’s perfect for carrying your bus or library pass in style, it also comes in tonnes of other colors.

We’re loving the ‘Alo’ sunglasses in black from UNIF that you can grab with an awesome 20% college discount. They also come in clear effect if you fancy switching it up from the usual Men-In-Black look. Add some sass to any outfit with a statement necklace, we’re loving this Missguided silver one as it suits the 70s boho trend down to a tee! For travelling to and from classes, you’re going to need some comfortable footwear, but of course you still want to look cute! We love these nude Missguided lace-up sandals. Perfect for pairing with jeans!


10 Thoughts Everyone Has When They’re Hungover

Hangovers are the worst. When they’re especially bad, you wake up wondering what happened, where you are, and even who you are; well what’s left of you anyway after all dignity has been lost. The hardest decision is deciding when to cross the line from feeling hideously sick to craving greasy food, if you eat too soon there’s no going back! No matter how hard you try to get yourself together, you feel like there is no end to this world of pain. College and university bring the hangovers from hell and suffering you didn’t even know existed, so it’s time to familiarise yourself with 10 thoughts everyone has when they’re hungover

1. What happened last night?!giphy
via giphy.com

2. How much did I drink?! WINE IS EVIL.Drunk-girl-GIF
via gifsec.com

3. There are parts of my body that hurt that I didn’t even know could feel pain. SEND HELP
via gifsec.com

4. Need. Water.
via gifsec.com

5. Will the world ever stop spinning? I think I’m still drunk. I’M GOING TO PUKE. Maybe I’ll just sit by the toilet for a while feeling sorry for myself…giphy-1
via giphy.com

6. I wonder what the minimum order is for pizza delivery? Is 10am a reasonable time to order? Or, I could got to Taco Bell! I’ll deal with the body guilt later…

via giphy.com

7. Wait, where is my purse? Why is half the contents of my life missing?! Fail. I have brought shame to the human race. I am never drinking again.
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8. Maybe it’s time to take last night’s makeup off. On second thoughts, that would definitely require too much effort.giphy-3
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9. WHO ARE THESE STRANGERS IN PHOTOS OF ME ON MY PHONE?! Why did I try and ring half of my phonebook at 3am?! Mortified.
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10. Someone definitely cried last night. Oh wait… was that me?! If I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.giphy-5
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